Welcome! If you’re here you’re in need of an editor and lucky for you, that’s what I do!

A professor of mine once said that errors and typos are like spinach. If you’ve got spinach in your teeth that’s all people notice, and your great ideas and messages get ignored. It’s my job to notice the spinach and get rid of it so that your great ideas can shine and your audience can pay undivided attention. IMG_0632

I’m a professional proofreader and copyeditor who mainly works for clients  in the humanities, social sciences, fiction and commercial non-fiction. I also provide services for marketing and some technical manuscripts as well as academic trade presses.

I can work onscreen or on paper, and pride myself on being infallibly on time. If you’re an independent author whose manuscript is in need of copy editing or proofreading I would be happy to work with you, as I’m a huge fan of independent publishing. I can identify grammar, punctuation and spelling errors as well as shifts in tone or errors in consistency.